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Alrowwad cast stone has become a strong competetor in the market of construction, due to its high quality properties, and its unique visual aspect that does not differ from natural stone, in addition to the lower costs associated to create it for the same specs.

Below are some bullets to clarify the technical and architectural aspects of the stone

  • Better thermal insulation than Class A natural stone, according to RSS test results.
  • Alrowwad Stone has more abrasion strength than natural stone, meaning that the surface is harder to damange.
  • Low water absorption.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Unified colors.
  • Has no defects, where the material is homogeneous.
  • The costs are less than those relating to natural stone by an average of 40%.
  • Better adhesion with the cement mortar behind it.

Royal Scientific Society test results

Abrasion resistance
Alrowwad Stone products are 50 % harder than top natural stone in Jordan
Water Absorption
Low water absorption - test value of absorption is about 3.5%, which is much less than many natural stone values
Specific weight
Alrowwad Cast Stone has a specific weight of 2.3, equivalent to high density natural stone
Compressive Strength
High compressive strength in comparison with natural stone - value obtained about 50 MPa or 500 kg/cm2

Cost reduction can reach up to 60% with Alrowwad Cast Stone compared to the equivalent top natural stone.

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